You Won’t Believe These Cleaning Tips & Tricks Work

One blogger suggests cleaning your toilets with Coca-Cola. This is a great way to really deep clean your toilet bowl. The secret to this trick is leaving the Coca-Cola in for several hours. In needs to sit and soak the toilet for a while to really work effectively. However, just be sure to use an antibacterial cleaner also, as Coca-Cola does not have any antibacterial properties. Another one suggests cleaning off baseboards with dryer sheets! This is an easy way to collect all that dust that builds up in the nooks and crannies. And your baseboards will smell nice & fresh like clean laundry when you are done . . . what could be better!?

I don’t really like cleaning, but I really like a good cleaning trick! Tips & tricks can make all the difference when you’re toiling away, trying to spruce up the house. I’ve compiled some truly life changing cleaning tips & tricks that you won’t believe you hadn’t thought of. Get …

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