Treat Bunions with Reflexology Treatments

Reflexology offers great treatment options to people who suffer from various problems. Most foot problems are caused by faulty mechanics in the foot and are related to over pronation and tight calf muscles.

 The tight calf muscle lead to the heel rising early during the walking cycle, putting pressure on and over-stressing the Achilles tendon, the posterior tibia tendon and the ball of the foot. Bunions, calluses, crooked toes and plantar fasciitis are some of the foot problems which we usually face.

Bunions are a structural change in the foot, which is kind of a bone deformity at the great toe joint.  Bunions are a result of abnormalities in foot structure and mechanics; and the conditions worsen if you end up wearing wrong shoes. Bunions develop gradually and the pain is generally a dull, achy pain which you feel while walking or even sitting.  When wearing tight or narrow shoes, the pain may be intense on the inside of the great toe joint, due to pressure from the shoes.

As far as reflexology is concerned, bunions indicate that there is a possibility of congestion around the area of the spleen/pancreas meridian which starts on the outer edge of both big toes. It starts from the big toe, continues up the leg, up through the pelvis and abdomen, and winds up at the shoulderIf this area remains congested, it can also cause fungus, stiffness, and in growing toenails, especially on the big toe; shinbone, knee, and thigh pain; varicose veins, psoriasis and eczema especially at the legs along the meridian; pain around the groin region or hernias menstrual problems and other gynecological problems such as cysts, fibroids or infections; abdominal pain; issues in the underarm area like eczema and the swelling around the lymph node; even problems in the breast area such as tenderness and lumps. 

There is no particular reflex for the big toe to get ample relief from bunions, but gently kneading on and around the affected area can help ease the pain and would work on the sacral and lumbar areas of the spine reflex, and the kidney reflexes, which ensure that the kidneys are functioning and getting rid the body of uric acid. This causes gout, a form of arthritis which is another cause of bunions. To balance the spleen and pancreas area one needs to work on the spleen and pancreas reflexes.

Treat Bunions with Reflexology Treatments

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