This Woman Looks Younger In a Month Just by Drinking 3 Liters of this Every Day

This is Sarah Smith and she is a 42-year-old mother. With the busy life she has, a mother of kids and a wife, she is like any of us. Sarah took the first step towards increasing her health level.

That’s bad. Her headaches were showing up regularly. There was poor digestion. Stomach pain. It was time for pushing the red-alert button.  She admitted that she forgets to drink water.

No, let’s not fool ourselves too much. We are talking about water and nutrition right here. The daily water intake is crucial for your body. It’s a system that constantly looks for water in order to work properly. I often compare it to a car. If you are not take good care of it, your car will get rusty in no time.

She decided to seek for medical explanation. After consulting a few medical professionals, it all came down to the daily intake of water. According to her, enough was enough! It was time for a change.

The experiment she took was 3 liters of water every day for an entire month.

Just to see where this is going. If any of this makes sense. While she was doing it, she was documenting the whole thing. Let’s see week-by-week how this played out for her.

Week 1 (Weight 8st 7lb; Waist: 28in)

At the end of the first week, there are the improvements knocking on the door.

She started noticing an improvement in her bowel function.

Her urine was really clear as the water was flushing her rusty kidneys.

Her skin was another part of the story.

Sarah noticed strange skin breakouts.

This was a result of the toxins being eliminated from her body.

It’s like, the toxins had nowhere to go and decided to go out.

That’s really good.

What made her believe water was making her body react were her headaches.

She didn’t feel them anymore.

Week 2 (Weight 8st 6lb; Waist: 28in)

Her skin tone is getting brighter.

This improvement was easily noticeable on her face.

Her eyes were still wrinkled, but they looked less shadowy and less tight.

The best thing happened when her husband gave her compliments about her stomach.

He also said that her cellulite has vanished.

She was really happy about that.

As a plus, this was another week without a headache.

Week 3 (Weight 8st 6lb; Waist: 27.5 in)

She woke up one morning and she couldn’t believe it.

Her eye wrinkles and dark circles have VANISHED.

This was another sign that water really is vital.

Her skin looked healthier and plumper.

The signals of constant hunger disappeared. She noticed she eats less now.

Sarah compares “hunger signals” to “thirst signals”.

Mixing thirst and hunger happens very often.

Week 4 (Weight 8st 5lb; Waist: 27in)

She lost another pound and half an inch.

Awesome work by far.

I’ll quote Sarah’s words:

“I genuinely can’t believe the difference in my face. I look like a different woman. The dark shadows around my eyes have all but disappeared and the blotches have gone. My skin is almost as dewy as it was when I was a child. The transformation is nothing short of remarkable.”.

She has become leaner, fitter and everybody noticed the change in her appearance.

Sarah made this happen just by changing a tiny part of her daily routine.

The water intake results.

Amazing transformation!

How much water do you drink on a daily basis?

Take Sarah’s example and make an improvement.

his Woman Looks Younger In a Month Just by Drinking 3 Liters of this Every Day

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